Instead of a repair ticket, we are keeping this process simple, if you would like a quote for your kite repair tear please send a text to Hank @ 252-489-9477 with photos of the damage.

We will not give you a quote over the phone without pictures.


If it leaks, we will help you, but we can't give you a quote for the repair until we pump it up and diagnose what is actually wrong. 

Our USPS address:

OBX Remix 

PO Box 423

Rodanthe, NC 27968

Our UPS or FEDEX address:

OBX Remix

24267 NC HWY 12

Rodanthe, NC 27968

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR KiTES! A little bit of sand, we understand, but if it's still wet and/or covered in sand, there will be a cleaning fee. Thank you for understanding.
You tear it, we repair it! You rip it, we stitch it! You send it, we mend it!

Check out our instagram for our most up to date adventures in kite repair! 

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