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Now open for the 2022 season

Instead of a repair ticket, we are keeping this process simple, if you would like a quote for your kite repair tear please send a text to Hank @ 252-489-9477 with photos of the damage.

We will not give you a quote over the phone without pictures.


If it leaks, we will help you, but we can't give you a quote for the repair until we pump it up and diagnose what is actually wrong. 

Our USPS address:

OBX Remix 

PO Box 423

Rodanthe, NC 27968

Our UPS or FEDEX address:

OBX Remix

27225 NC HWY 12

Salvo, NC 27972

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR KiTES! A little bit of sand, we understand, but if it's still wet and/or covered in sand, there will be a cleaning fee. Thank you for understanding.
You tear it, we repair it! You rip it, we stitch it! You send it, we mend it!
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IMG_4213 (1).jpg

Your repair ticket has been submitted

An error occurred. Try again later or email us and let us know!

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